• This studio class focuses on the media of painting through various styles and genres.  Watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, and mixed media will be practiced in the creation of imaginative, observational, and non-objective paintings. Activities and student products will reflect original and genuine personal statements, visual answers to provocative questions, and synthesis of content from other areas of student interest. Advanced students in III/IV will have the opportunity to design their own projects in conference with the teacher according to a structured rubrik that remains on file for that period. History of the painting medium as well as art theory and criticism, applied to paintings, is included in the course as well.


    • I expect you to make art in class everyday - new, fresh, honest artwork, which requires an attitude open to experimentation and persistence. If you get stuck, I expect you to ask for help; ask me, ask your peers, ask someone you don’t even know for the favor of fresh eyes.

    • I expect you to use your whole life and environment as not only inspiration for your artmaking but also as content, reference, and maybe even media.

    • I expect you to be respectful of the space and of others in this space, as we all have this wonderful opportunity - an hour set apart to make art everyday.

    • I expect you to grow personally and artistically in directions which we cannot now foresee, and I expect you to encourage that growth with your utmost effort and attention.


Rachel Li's incredibly sensitive watercolor of paint tubes