• General Classroom Expectations
    Be On Time
    Be Prepared
    Be Polite
    Be Respectful
    Be An Active Participant

    Be On Time - Be seated at your desk, ready to start class, spiral notebook, HW assignment, pencil, and grading pen WHEN THE TARDY BELL RINGS!!

    Be Prepared - Be Prepared with all math class materials (spiral notebook), assignments (HW or projects), and supplies (grading pen, pencil, etc)

    Be Polite - Be Polite to others and their belongings.  Do NOT talk while others are speaking.  Do NOT touch nor take other's belongings.  Do NOT touch nor take anything on MY DESK or belonging to ME!

    Be Respectful - Be Respectful at all times.  Treat other's as you would want them to treat you.  Do not disrespect me, speak to me privately if you have a concern.  Disrespect is NOT acceptable in our math classroom.

    Be An Active Participant - Be an integral part of our class.  Join in our class discussion by contributing to the content being addressed.  Your voice is important, your knowledge is valued, your insight is priceless.  No question nor comment is "dumb nor wrong!"