• English IV: Literature and Composition (AP, Dual Credit, & G/T)
    This course promotes the development of college-level reading and writing skills, cultural literacy, and a stronger sense of your place (and legacy) in the world. Its design is based upon the curricular requirements outlined in the current AP English: Literature and Composition Course Description as provided by College Board, as well as dual credit writing standards through SAC.
    • Analytical Skills: Success in this course will require you to read and participate actively. You will, therefore, be accountable for every section of every text through frequent analytical assignments, including annotation of texts, completion of structured study guides, formal and informal written responses, quizzes, and participation in graded discussions.
    • Writing Skills: The kinds of writings in this course are varied, but include writing to understand, writing to explain, and writing to evaluate. You will write in numerous modes: timed in-class essays, writing exercises, free responses to texts, creative writing, and formal papers. We will also analyze rhetorical and literary devices with the goal of understanding them and integrating them into your own writing. 
    • Awareness of Interconnection: In an increasingly complex world, you need to develop a “big picture” view of related trends and themes and to examine how literature serves as a cultural and historical “footprint.” I wish to challenge you to discover the relevance of literary ideas to your own life.



     Syllabus: Full Version (as submitted to AP)

    Syllabus: One-Pager