As a representative of the Madison Choir Department students must also understand that their behavior must be exemplary. If choir students have unexcused absences from any class at Madison High School, or receive disciplinary action as a result of breaking school rules, they may be removed from competitive ensembles. Parents will be called in the event of serious or continuous disrespectful behavior or attendance problems. Students who behave in ways that are destructive to the choir’s goals of teamwork and cooperation will be removed from the ensemble altogether.

    A student’s choir grade is an average of the following categories:

    Participation (50%)
    Each student earns one participation grade per week, based on his/her rehearsal work habits. Promptness, attentiveness, on-task behavior, and preparedness (music & pencil in hand) are all considered when the director evaluates a student’s participation.

    Rehearsals (labeled as activites in gradebook) (20%) & Concerts (20%)
    Each student will receive a grade equivalent to a test grade for each outside rehearsal & sectional in which they participate. Concert grades are weighted and may serve as a six-week test or semester final. If a student is absent from a rehearsal or concert, they will earn a zero (0). These can only be made up, through written assignments, if the director excuses the absence prior to the rehearsal or concert. REHEARSALS AND CONCERTS ARE MANDATORY! If a student misses a concert with an unexcused absence they will most likely earn a failing grade for the six weeks. Absences will only be excused for illness, death and family emergency with a written note from the parent. A note will be needed for the choir director separate from any other notes sent to the front office. The director has the final determination of excused absences. All rehearsals and concerts will be announced a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. WORK CONFLICTS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AN EXCUSED ABSENCE!

    Assignments (10%)
    Various written assignments, quizzes and tests as well as sight-reading and part-singing tests will be given throughout the year.

    Conduct grades will be given as follows:
    E= 0-3 offenses S= 4-6 offenses U= 7 and above offenses
    Offenses can include excessive tardies, inappropriate classroom behavior, failure to follow class expectations.

    Late work and other questions concerning grading policy will follow the District Guidelines