• First Ladies Pep Squad
    The First Ladies attend all Madison Varsity Football games, pep rallies, and Freshman HOME Football games. They perform at our Homecoming Football game.

    In January, we will showcase a routine for our district NEISD Spring Show "One Singular Sensation". First Ladies will also compete in city-wide and state-wide dance competitions in February. First Ladies will finish the year out with a Madison Spring Show demonstrating everything they have learned through out the year.

    Joining First Ladies
    If you are interested in joining First Ladies, there is no tryout. A packet of forms, expecations, and cost will be sent home the first week of school. 

    If you were not able to attend the Information meeting please review this packet. First Lady Packet 2019

    2019-2020 First Lady Officers:
    Captain Rylin Guzman
    Co Captain Bella Talamantez
    Lt. Jolie Bernard
    Lt. Cheyane Brown
    Lt. Jazmyne McIntyre
    Lt. Zoe O'Brien
    Lt. Maya Overall
    Lt. Rochelle Rodriguez

    Upcoming Dates:
    August 15 - Team Pictures at JM
    August 15 - Meet the Mavs at Heroes Stadium
    August 19 - First Day of School
    August 21 - Start Group Fundraiser
    August 30 - Varsity Football vs Clemens
    September 6 - Varsity Football vs Bowie
    September 10 - Group Fundraiser Due
    September 12 - Varsity Football vs Smithson Valley
    September 21 - Varsity Football vs Churchill
    September 21 - Dollie Clinic for Merits
    September 27 - Varsity Football vs Roosevelt
    October 1 - Dance Competiton Meeting at 6:30pm
    October 12 - Varsity Football vs Reagan
    October 18 - MANDATORY Morning Practice with the Band at 7:45am
    October 18 - HOMECOMING Varsity Football vs LEE
    October 25 - Varsity Football vs Mac
    November 1 - Dance Competition Payment #1 Due
    November 2 - Varsity Football vs South San
    November 8 - Varsity Football vs Johnson
    December 2 - Dance Competition Payment #2 Due

    January 6 - Dance Competition Payment #3 Due
    January 10 - 7th pd 1st Lady BBall Game
    Januray 21 - 6th pd 1st Lady BBall Game
    January 24 - One Singular Sensation District Show 7:30pm
    January 25 - One Singular Sensation District Show 3:30pm and 7:30pm
    February 7 - First Lady Soccer
    February 18 - 2020-2021 Tryout Meeting at 6:30pm
    February 22 -Dollie, Fillie, and 1st Lady Dance Competition
    February 29 - Dollie Fillie, and 1st Lady Dance Competition
    March 23 - Fillie Workshop
    March 24 - Fillie Workshop
    March 25 - Fillie Mock Tryout
    March 27 - Fillie Tryouts
    March 30 - Dollie Workshop
    March 31 - Dollie Workshop
    April 1 - Dollie Mock Tryout
    April 3 - Dollie Tryouts
    April 7 - Pep Information Meeting and Garage Sale
    April 13 - Officer Candidates Notebooks Due
    April 17 - Officer Tryouts 4:30pm-6:00pm
    April 17 - "New" Team Meeting and Garage Sale 6:30pm
    April 21 - Pep Fitting and Garage Sale
    May 6 - Spirit Award Ceremony at Madison HS
    May 14 - Spring Show Rehearsal 4:30-8pm
    May 15 - Spring Show 7pm
    May 16 - Spring Show 7pm
    May 28 - "New" Officers Leadership Workshop
    June 1 - Madison Graduation at 2:30pm
    *Calendars will be sent home monthly with updated and/or added events. Weekly agendas will also be passed out for detailed information.