• Reteach/Retest policy for preAP and AP chemistry follows the district stated guidlines.

    Late Work Policy for preAP and AP Chemistry follows the district guidelines.

    Conduct Grades for preAP and AP Chemistry follow district guidelines.  The first discipline referral for a 9-week period will result in a grade of N.  A second discipline referral for the same 9-week period will result in a conduct grade of U.

    Credit Protection in pre-AP and AP chemistry is an ongoing effort to support students who show obvious exertion in class but fall within a grade range that threatens failure. Near the end of a grading cycle, these students are individually identified and prescribed a unique plan to earn points back, including test corrections, tutoring for mastering concepts, remedial packets of work, extra credit projects and Super Saturdays. If the student accepts and completes the offered Credit Protection, the teacher of record takes this extra work into account when calculating final grades.