• Objective:        Students will develop self-responsibility, organization and knowledge of content area material.


    Topics:             Kinematics                              Vectors

                            Dynamics                                Projectile Motion

                            Forces                                      Momentum

                            Work                                       Energy

                            Power                                      Thermodynamics

                            Waves                                     Sound

                            Electricity                                Magnetism

                            Light                                       Quantum


    Assessment:  Students will be graded on tests, classwork, homework, quizzes, and labs.  Tests will be weighted 35%, classwork, homework, quizzes 25%, and lab 40%.



    Class management:   It is my contention that physics is not an innate ability; rather it is a discipline which takes a great deal of hard work, instruction and perseverance.  Therefore, class time will not be used to negotiate discipline problems.  There is one rule in Mr. Helgeson’s class:


    Be a positive influence in the classroom.  Participate.


    All Madison high school rules pertaining to appearance, language, food, and drink will apply in this classroom.  We are just a part of a greater community.


    For those who want to test the system, prompt and poignant action will be taken.  If a student is disruptive he/she will be asked to leave the room and sit in the hall by the door.  If the student leaves for any reason there will be a referral written for truancy.  Please wait until I have time to talk to you.


    Lastly, I believe in students being there own best advocates.  Please do not hesitate to schedule time to talk me about grades, or any other concerns.