• Audition-based choir comprised of 7th and 8th grade gentlemen. Students will dive into more advanced development of all skills introduced in 6th Grade Choir. To audition, students must have completed at least 1 year of choir, or be recommended by another music teacher through skills and proven work ethic. Auditions consist of an interview, sight reading and a singing portion.
    Students are required to participate in UIL Concert & Sight Reading Evaluation. Students are required to participate at Solo & Ensemble Contest OR Region Auditions, Clinic & Concert (but may certainly do both!)
    Students will have many more opportunities for performances throughout the school year (and often during the school day!) at on- and off-campus locations, to include caroling on the river barges at the San Antonio River, Veteran’s Day assemblies, Electives Course Fair, and the Buccaneer Festival in Corpus Christi in May.
    Commitment is essential to being in this choir. Students who are excessively absent from scheduled rehearsals and/or performances, will not be allowed to attend any extracurricular performances, to include field trips.


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