• Welcome to Garner MS Choir!

    It is preferred for you to join Choir at the beginning of the school year, as our musical concepts quickly build on each other for you to read music. If you are transferring during the year from another choir program, please contact me so I can make the appropriate placement.

    Advanced Choirs can only be auditioned for at the end of the 1st grading period for the current school year, and in April for the following school year. Transfer students will be allowed to audition at the time of transfer.

    Auditions are based on vocal technique, sight reading skills, grades, and citizenship. 


  • * Device
    * Headphones
    * Space to sit AND stand and move around!
    * Place to make some noise!

    Students will be financially responsible for lost or damaged original sheet music if provided this year. Sheet music may only be written on in pencil.

Fees and Fundraising

  • The Garner M.S. Choral Budget and Student Accounts will cover most costs of participating in choir.

    Due to a reduction in allowed activities, the choir program will not have as many financial obligations or fundraisers as in previous years.

    I will communicate if any optional opportunities arise during the year that may cost money (Region, t-shirt, etc.).

    As always, finances should never keep any student from participating in choir. I am here to help! Please contact me in the event of an issue.


  • Meets Rehearsal Expectations (Weekly) 30% 

    Consistently and actively engages body to sing. Consistently displays proper rehearsal etiquette. Consistently is on task. Consistently sits/stands with appropriate singing posture and Solfege hand signs. Consistently communicates energy when singing, and consistently uses appropriate musical and vocal technique.

    Extra Rehearsals: Extra rehearsals may be called after school (even digitally) in order to prepare for an upcoming concert or event.  These rehearsals are necessary when several groups are scheduled to perform together, or in preparation for a performance. You will be given advanced notice (at least 2 weeks) to make arrangements. Make-up rehearsal opportunities will be given upon receiving a written excuse from a parent/guardian, for up to a 100 (email, text, handwritten, etc.). Unexcused absences will be given a grade of a 50.


    Assessments 20%

    Post-Concert Reflections, Projects

    Performance and Written/Digital Quizzes (Music Theory, Rhythm, Solfege, Sight-Reading, Vocabulary, Singing, Repertoire)


    Classwork/Homework 30%

    Score Study (Analysis, Solfege), Written/Digital Assignments

    Late Work: Will follow NEISD Guidelines.


    Concert Attendance 20%  (This category will only be utilized when safe, or appropriate)

    Performance outside of the school day is a necessary component of performing in choirs. Participation is required for all scheduled concerts, as they are a form of assessment in choir. You will be given advanced notice to make arrangements. 

    Absences this year will be given a make-up assignment for up to full credit, upon receiving a written excuse from a parent/guardian, for up to a 100 (email, text, handwritten, etc.). The assignment will be performance-based.


    COVID-19 & CHOIR

    There will be no in person, full choir rehearsals, field trips, or concerts for the 1st grading period. As we get closer to the beginning of each grading period, we will revisit the latest safety guidelines and recommendations. I will always communicate any changes.

    I will not put students in any situation that I, myself, do not feel comfortable or safe being in.

    In person singing will follow all (current for that time) recommended guidelines, to include social distancing, mask wearing, and environment setting. These recommendations change as more is discovered about COVID-19.

    Any student who chooses remote learning for the year will not be required to attend events and will do any performances online. If a student doing remote learning does wish to attend performances, they will need to attend all required after school rehearsals that pertain to that event.



  • * Provided by Garner M.S. Choir Program



    Garner M.S. Choir t-shirt OR plain gray shirt (tucked in) - will be same shirt as last year
    Khaki pants (must cover the entire leg)
    Closed-toe shoes


    ADVANCED TREBLE CHOIR - REGION/UIL UNIFORMS (If able to be used this year)

    *Choir Dress
    Black dress shoes (NO high heels, open-toed shoes, tennis shoes/sneakers, sandals, non-black shoes, boots, flashy shoes, flip-flops.)
    Black pantyhose


    ADVANCED TENOR-BASS CHOIR – REGION/UIL UNIFORMS (If able to be used this year)

    White tuxedo shirt/button up shirt (if you wear an undershirt, it must be plain white)
    Black dress pants
    Black socks
    Black shoes (NO open-toed shoes, tennis shoes/sneakers, sandals, non-black shoes, boots, flip flops.)
    *Choir vest & bow tie

    TREBLE CHOIR (FORMAL): Hair must be pulled away from the face in a neat fashion using black hair ties/clips or bobby pins. (NO hair ribbons, hair bands, large clips, colored hair ties, or colored clips, UNLESS otherwise stated.)

    Jewelry: You may only wear small studs on the lower ear.