• AIM - 6th Grade

    Advancement Individual Motivation

  • You have chosen to be a member of Garner’s AIM elective class. The purpose of AIM is to provide you with the time and guidance to grow and develop both academically as a learner, and socially as a member of your community.  Your AIM teacher will help you review your class grades and set up a plan for you to be academically successful this school year.


    Course Topics:

    Social emotional learning (SEL), character education, study skills, organizational skills, goal-setting, and academic enrichment in reading and writing.

    Students have three simple responsibilities each day in AIM:

    1. Actively participate in all assigned class activities.
    2. Have work from other classes or a book to read, every day!
    3. Treat all people with respect, including yourself.


    You will receive two grades per week in AIM.

    • The first grade will be for completing assigned activities during the week.
    • The second will be for completing your goals, reflection, and grade tracking sheet for the week.

    Daily Activities

    • At the beginning of each class, you will have activities based on the course topics.
    • After you complete the day’s activities, you will have individual enrichment time to complete work for other classes or read a book. You MUST do one or the other.
    • Throughout the class, I will hold individual check ins with each student. My plan is to check in with you once per week to discuss your progress in all classes, grades, your individual goals, and any questions/concerns you may have.

    With your hard work and your AIM teacher’s support, you will have all the tools you need to have a successful 6th grade year at Garner Middle School!!