• GT/AP English III Policies

      ·         Conduct grades: A student’s conduct grade can be demoted based on school-written policy violation. This can include tardies, classroom conduct, attitude, academic dishonesty, etc. If the conduct is severe enough, the teacher reserves the right to demote straight to a “u.”

      ·         Reteach and retest policy – as per district policy. If 50% or more students fail an assessment (quizzes are not assessments), the teacher will re-assess using a different mode during classroom time. If less than 50% of students fail, a student can individually advocate for a retest during tutoring time.

      Grading policy:

      Specific to GT/AP English III--grades and timely feedback are very important in GT/AP class, therefore grades will only be accepted late until "unit end" as per district policy or at the end of a three week grading cycle, whichever comes first.  For our definition, unit end occurs when timely feedback is given.  If a paper has been returned with a grade, students may no longer turn in that assignment for a late grade.  So yes, late grades for the standard 20% deduction are accepted, but a general rule of thumb is that students only have approximately one more week to turn in said assignment.

      Categories: major/summative=60%; daily/formative=40%; semester exam=20%


      Credit protection--if students miss the original three week deadlines, or one week for unit end in the GT/AP class, they will be required to turn in assignments into the credit protection folder located in turnitin.com. These assignments will also receive a 50% penalty and can be turned in anytime during the 9 week period.  

      Credit Recovery –If a student fails the 1st nine-weeks, a parent-teacher contact will be made. Students will be required to complete the assignments from the 9 weeks in which they have been unsuccessful IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LIBRARY TUTORS ON TUESDAY OR THURSDAY.  Assignments may NOT be taken from the presence of the library tutors. Students will receive credit ONLY – no grade change.