Advanced Commercial Script

    • Students will choose a commercial that doesn’t quite make the grade (One that doesn’t reach its target audience, fails to adequately promote the product or breaks one or multiple rules as explained in the video we watched with the market analyst)
    • Students will then rewrite the commercial to fix its faux pas, keeping the intent of the commercial in mind.
    • Students should use the worksheet provided that lists Gunn’s 12 advertisement styles. However, you may choose to change the style if it betters the commercial.
    • The commercial should be at least 30 seconds (exact), but can also be 45 or 60 seconds. Do not exceed 60 seconds.
    • Please email me your two columned script along with a URL link to the commercial you chose and/or share the information through Google docs by midnight April 3, 2018. Make sure to include a title page that include your name, the product type and length of your commercial.

      COmmercial Script Template


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    Characteristics Powerpoint

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