• The Odyssey

    "Every play is a statement, even a light comedy becomes a statement. And it's not a statement about the theatre, it's a statement about life. Because if theatre has nothing to do with life, we don't need it. The theatre is there to stimulate our experience of life, to increase it, to make it richer, to make it more than we ever understood of it. Because most people don't understand their own experience. It's the artist who enriches our experience. . . The arts are not decorations to life, they're the flower of life. We live to create art. We live to create art through conversation, through comradeship, through friendship. All our acts should be a work of art, everything we do should be conceived as art. That is what I think of as art, as being the very essence of what we're here for. That's what life is about!"

                                                                  -- Harold Clurman