• Clinical Rotations is indubitably an amazing class.   The 20 students chosen annually witness things that no one else on campus will ever see.  You will shadow health care professions at Main Methodist & Children's Hospital in the Medical Center and be able to witness surgeries, births, circumcisions, and more!  Students with their own transportation will be able to shadow at neighborhood medical offices such as Rehab, Laboratories, Chiropractic Offices, Vet Clinics and more!  

    All students eligible for Rotations must have a TB Test done by their family doctor to ensure they do not have that virulent disease.  It is also recommend you have the flu shot though declination forms may be signed should you choose not to have the vaccination.  


    All students will purchase a clipboard, a Clinical Rotations polo shirt, and a set of scrubs (only needed for those who have independent transportation).