• I am so excited to be teaching third grade for another year here at Cibolo Green Elementary!

    My dad is a retired air force pilot who flew B-52 bombers and because of that we moved 5 times. I was born in Minot, North Dakota and moved to California, then Oklahoma, next was Virginia, after that was Killeen, and finally my dad retired here in San Antonio. My mom works for USAA and my brother is a consultant in Boston.

    I've lived in San Antonio for 15 years. I went to Tejeda Middle School and Ronald Reagan High School in NEISD and received my bachelor's at UTSA. I am certified in Generalist EC-6 Education.

    I have been working with kids all my life and have worked for KIN, Friday Nite Live, Camp Rio Vista (which is a residential camp where kids would stay as long as 4 weeks), Sea World Day Camp (I had to pass an animal test to be hired). I've also volunteered at The Saddle Light Center for Therapeutic Horsemanship (horses and kids :) was so much more fun than just riding on my own), The Children's Museum, and The San Antonio Children's Shelter and now Boysville. I did my student teaching at Wetmore Elementary in 4th grade and worked at Clear Spring Elementary in 2nd grade for the spring semester. This will be my 5th year here at Cibolo Green Elementary.

    When I was growing up I wanted to be a zoologist. I've always loved animals and have been able to do some amazing things like swim with dolphins, touch a shark, touch an Orca's tongue, swim with sting rays, train horses, hold a Tucan, read to a gorilla, and pet a giraffe. I've also done some other pretty cool things like getting slimed at Nickelodeon Studios, going skydiving...twice, scuba diving, scaring my brother in a real live castle in Germany, winning first in a collegiate fencing competition, etc. But nothing has been better than being a teacher.

    In college I applied to work at the San Antonio Zoo and at an after school care like KIN. The after school care called me for an interview first and I loved working at the school so much that I switched my major to education and have never looked back. A month into my first teaching job a kid I worked with at The San Antonio Children's Shelter was adopted and placed in my classroom. Of all of the possibilities of places for him to end up, he ended up with me again. I feel so fortunate to have found my calling and that it was to be a teacher.

    I appreciate the trust you put in me to take care of and educate you and that you give me your best every day.


    I can't wait to meet you and get this year started!