• My biography page should really be turned into a book. It will end up as one of those clearance items at the $.99 table because it won’t have much to it, but I like the idea of it being in a book. Even a short book. Short, boring book. 

     Chapter one. The beginning.

     I’m born.

     Chapter two. The first snag.

     My little brother is born and I’m not so special anymore. I begin to feel slightly sorry for my older brother, who was really not that special to start with, but I am developing some of my empathic talents. I notice that as time passes, I get older, which is a trend that still continues today.

     Chapter three. My childhood.

     I had a nervous childhood. I think mostly because of being the “middle” child. Also I lived and grew out in the countryside of West Texas and was beset by mesquite beans, prickly pear cactus, tarantulas, rattlesnakes, and horned toads. The horned toads were actually pretty cool, up until my older brother showed me how they would spit goo in your face when they were threatened.

     Chapter four. College years. 

     I probably shouldn’t put too much detail about this here. I enjoyed myself and spent time at Texas Tech University and graduated from the University of Houston!

     Chapter five. Graduation! (which was a good thing) Entrance into the real world. (definitely a “not-good” thing) 

     I began my teaching career in Houston teaching first grade for four years because I figured I needed to reserve my place in heaven. I have probably jeopardized this since when I … Well, that’s another story.

     Chapter six. Moving back to Abilene. 

     I decided that I needed to open up an ice cream store and also teach back in Abilene, so I headed back home. I spent four years there, teaching three years of 4th grade and one year of 5th grade. I also spent 2 ½ years running a homemade ice cream store while teaching. Suddenly I had an epiphany that sleeping more than 27 minutes each night would be a good thing, and I closed the ice cream store. (They wouldn’t let me close the school.)

     Chapter seven. I move to San Antonio. 

     Looking for a change of scenery, I make my way to San Antonio and teach two more years of 4th grade at Roan Forest Elementary, here in North East I.S.D. Fortunately I am able to reaffirm my faith in Tex-Mex food, gain ten pounds, and watch the Dallas Cowboys win some games. I spend some time honing my storytelling skills and hear a tale about Jim Bowie’s lost gold mine. After exhaustive research, I learn the general location of the lost mine. (Okay, maybe it wasn’t exhaustive research, but I did spend a couple of minutes standing at Barnes and Nobles reading a Texas book of legends. I got tired of standing, but I stuck with it. I’m all about perseverance. It was sort of a heavy book, too. Y’know… for a paperback.) I deduced that the location of the treasure was somewhere on the Stone Oak Elementary campus, which of course explained my transfer there.

     Chapter nine. I win the lotto! 

     Yes. I know I skipped chapter eight, but I wanted to get right to the good part. I’m able to use all of my winnings to pay off all of the damage I created at Stone Oak. I didn’t realize we weren’t supposed to dig holes anywhere we wanted. They probably should’ve made the portable floor a little thicker or written a warning on the floor. Anyway, all’s well that end’s well.

     Chapter ten.  Moving up in the world.

     After teaching three more years of 4th grade, I am finally promoted to 5th grade!  I teach two years of 5th before...

     Chapter eleven. I get insecure about my height.

     before I realize my 5th graders are almost as tall as I am.  That's just scary, so I head to 3rd grade and all is well with the world.

     Chapter eleven and a half.  I get married and change my name.

     Contrary to popular belief, I don't change my name to my wife's name.  My grandfather died in a plane crash while in the military when my father was about a year old.  My grandmother remarried a few years later and my father's name was changed from William Jenn to William Jenn Proctor.  When I rolled around years later and found out about it, I decided to change the name back to my grandfather's name (and father's original name) - Jenn.  Getting married was pretty cool also.  My wife, Shannon, (who coincidentally has the same last name as myself) is also a 5th grade teacher at Wetmore Elementary here in NEISD.  I decide to try to 'one-up' her and move back to 4th grade, where I can now focus on two of my loves: Texas history and writing. 

     Chapter 12.  Oh my goodness! I'm a dad...

    My wife actually read this and she still wanted to jump into chapter 12 here.  Jackson Jenn has arrived!  I'd add more here, but now I'm a parent and there's simply not time enou-

    Chapter 13.  And then... to 5th (grade not chapter - that would be a vicious loop!) and back to 4th! (okay, maybe it is a loop...)

    Ok.  So then I went back to 5th grade for a couple of years and finally back to 4th grade. My son's older and so am I apparently.  Jackson's a third grade Bobcat this year which is exciting!  It's gonna be a great year!