• PFC 
    Premiere and Final Cut 
    Vocal Performing Ensemble
    Douglas MacArthur High School

    Matt Woodward, Director - mwoodw@neisd.net
    Caitlyn Gallegos, Director - cgalle@neisd.net

    2923 MacArthur View, San Antonio, TX 78217
    Phone:  (210) 356-7668
    Fax:  (210) 650-1195 ATTN: Mac Choir


    PFC is the select contemporary a cappella ensemble of the MacArthur High School Choir Department in San Antonio, TX.  They are the 2011 ICHSA National Champions and 2016 & 2012 ICHSA National Finalists, and most recently, they are 2017 NACC National Finalists. PFC is passionate about sharing a cappella music throughout their community.  They have enjoyed the opportunity to open for a cappella groups including Clearly Vocal, Overboard, Delilah, Arora, and the Swingle Singers.  Over the past several years, PFC has been a featured entertainment at TEDxYouth@Austin, served twice as host group and performers at the CASA sponsored Texas A Cappella Celebration (TAC), served as the host group for the South Texas A Cappella Camp and Talent Overload (STACCATO) and has served as emcees and featured entertainment at ICCA and ICHSA Southwest Quarterfinal Competition.  They have worked closely with many a cappella greats including Deke Sharon, Courtney Jensen, Ben Stevens, Michael Eldredge, Erin Hackel, Tom Anderson and The House Jacks.  PFC is under the direction of Matt Woodward (mwoodw@neisd.net) and Caitlyn Gallegos (cgalle@neisd.net).


    Social Media: 

    Twitter: @MacArthurPFC
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PFC-163321863724240/


    Competition Results: 

    2017 NACC Finalists
    2016 ICHSA Finalists
    2016 ICHSA Southwest Semi-Final Champions
    2012 ICHSA Finalists
    2012 ICHSA Southwest Semi-Final Champions
    2012 ICHSA Champions