• Welcome to Painting!

    My goal for this course is to expand the students painting techniques, how to think critically/individually, understand the history of painting, and to create unique pieces or artwork that can be viewed and enjoyed over a long period of time. I am very passionate about art and hope that my enthusiasm for their success will be contagious.  Because level two, three, and four courses are combined students will be working at a different pace and sometimes on different projects.  Painting four students will be working on their portfolios and finding their sense of self through artwork whereas painting two students will be focusing on skill and learning how to build a composition.  Three includes a little bit of both.  At the end of the year every student will have a portfolio of all of their work and will present their growth for their second semester final.

                    There are a few competitions that students will be able to participate in such as the Western art competition, V.A.S.E (our UIL competition), and Night Gallery in that order. If any other competitions or contests arrise I will be sure to provide the student with adiquit information.  I will also be providing supplies for them except for certain brushes. If a student wishes to buy extra colors or a sidderent size canvas that I don’t have then that is fine with me!  All supplies will be kept in a cabinet and locked after the class period.

    Click below to view the Painting Syllabus!

    Painting Syllabus

  • 2011