• Welcome to Art 1!

    My goal for this course is to have the students understand how to create artwork using the elements of art and principles of design by studying the history of art and putting their minds to practice. There are many different mediums that they will be taught how to use for their projects and some things we will make just for fun such as carving pumpkins and making ginger bread houses.  I hope that my passion for creating will be contagious and in the end I hope that each student will leave knowing that art is the visual depiction of how humans see life and to truly appreciate the art process and the people who create it!

                    There are a few competitions that they will be able to participate in such as the Western art competition, Battle of Flowers Poster Design, V.A.S.E (our UIL competition), and Night Gallery.  I will always let them know a month in advance when competition dates are and give them plenty of time to work.  New competitions and contest always pop-up so I’ll encourage everyone to sign up!


    Click to view the syllubus for Art 1:

    Syllabus for Art 1