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     Moreau only Tuesday,

    August 13, 2019 4-6 pm





    What to expect on meet the teacher night........

    ​What if we are not coming? No worries at all. I will see everyone Monday morning, bright eyed at bushy tailed. :)

    Students, as you walk into your new classroom you will choose your desk   and write your name on the blank sentence strip on that desk. Your parent or guardian will begin to fill out the paper work that I need for your best first day of fourth grade.

    ​Wait, WHAT??? Did she say I'm going to get to pick my own seat?? Yes I did! Isn't that cool!? It's one of my favorite things for Meet the Teacher night because students get to choose.

    Binder & Dividers – 
    ​You can set up your binder before meet the teacher

    You will keep your binder in the cubby areaAll graded work will go in the binder. It will be kept there until the end of the 9 weeks.  Binders will be cleaned out when report cards go home. Please label your dividers with these titles:

    1)      Math
    2)      Reading
    3)      Language
    4)      Science
    5)      Social Studies

    Supply Pouch:    These items will go in your supply pouch in your desk: scissors, 2 or 3 pencils (extras go in a bucket), crayons, glue, 2 red pens, colored pencils, & 1 highlighter (extra highlighter can go in cubby area or a backpack pocket.) You can keep your markers in your cubby area.
    Scissors:    Please write your name on them. (You will keep them in your supply pouch in your desk.)

    You can keep them in your desk and we will label and put them away on Monday!