• AP Human Geography

    Syllabus & Class Information

    Remind Information:   Text @geo-reinh to 81010


     Exams and projects - 45%

    Quizzes - 35%

    Homework and classwork - 20%


    Monday afternoons – 4:10pm - 5:00pm

    Tuesday mornings – 8:00am - 8:30am

    By appointment.

    Behavioral Expectations

    Any behavior that makes it difficult for you or your peers to learn or for me to teach is not acceptable. Churchill's behavior escalation process will be used should inappropriate behavior continue.

    Retake Policy

    Retakes are not a free ticket to slack off the first time.  Nor is it an infinite fount of chances to raise your grade.  Retakes are allowed to ensure you learned the content, therefore I am strictly enforcing the following expectations:

    • You will only be allowed a retake for scoring below standard (70%) on a chapter exam. There are no retakes/corrections on quizzes.
    • You will only be allowed a retake if you have completed ALL daily work for that unit and must be able to show them to me (vocabulary, reading guides, etc).
    • You may not earn higher than a 70% on a retake.
    • You will take a different exam from the first time.
    • The highest of the two tests grades (without exceeding 70%) will be taken to benefit the student the most.
    • Scantrons are not to leave my classroom at any time. If you wish to review them to study for a retake you may do so in my supervision during my tutoring times.

    Tardy Policy

    Show up on time; being tardy will result in consequences. Not only will you lose valuable time to learn the material, but you also put your peers at a disadvantage.

     Attendance and Make-Up Work Policy

    Missing class will make it harder for you to be successful. If you are absent it is your responsibility to find out what you missed.

    • You are responsible for seeing me about missed assignments. You should do this before or after school/class. Do not expect me to stop class to get your missed assignments.
    • You will also be responsible for getting any notes that you missed from someone else in the class or from the teacher website. 
    • If your absence was excused you will have two days to make up every one day missed except for quizzes and tests.
    • Quizzes and tests must be made up the day you return from your excused absence. You can do this before or after school or during class. However, making up a quiz/test during class will result in you getting further behind.
    • If you were present when an item was assigned but it was due on the day you were absent, it is then due the day you return to class.
    • All late works will accure a 20% penalty.
    • Late work, whether from an excused or an unexcused absence, will only be accepted for three weeks from the original due date or the unit exam, whichever comes first.

     Food and Drink

    THIS IS A PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT - Food and Drink are allowed as long as:

    • There is no mess left behind.
    • It is not a distraction.
    • You were not tardy arriving to class – DO NOT come in my room late because you were getting Las Palapas.

     Important Things to Remember

    • Cell phones and MP3 players are NOT allowed while class is in session.
    • Use appropriate language.
    • When a student or a teacher is talking please be respectful and listen.
    • Participation is key both to your grade and your enjoyment of this class.
    • Please respect each other, we will engage in discussions in this class that may touch nerves and stir up differences of opinion. These discussions need to remain respectful to be of any real value.