• Organizing supplies for Mrs. Johnson’s 4th grade class


    Please set up your binder and label your folders by 1st day of school. Also label your scissors, protractor, and ruler with your name. Put scissors in supply pouch.

    Binder & Dividers:

    Your binder with 6 dividers will be kept in your cubby area. All graded work will go in the binder until the end of the 9 weeks. We’ll clean out binders when report cards go home. Label your dividers with these titles:

    • Math
    • Reading
    • Language Arts
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Homework

    Folders:   You should have 8 folders. They will all be kept in your desk. Write your name and these titles on them:

    • Take Home
    • Science
    • ELA/Reading
    • Math
    • Math WIN
    • Reading WIN
    • Technology
    • Social Studies

    Things I collect:

    • Tissue
    • Notebook paper
    • Rulers – please write your name on it.
    • Protractors – please write your name on it.

    Supply Pouch:    These items will go in your supply pouch: scissors, 2 or 3 pencils (extras go in your cubby area or backpack pocket), crayons, glue, 2 red pens, colored pencils, & 1 highlighter (extra highlighter can go in cubby area or a backpack pocket.) You can keep your markers in your cubby area.

    Spirals & notebooks:    We will organize and label these in class. They will go in your desk.

    Remind:    I use the Remind app regularly for brief reminders. To join: Option 1- Log on to: https://www.remind.com/join/h63b62 Option 2- text to 81010 and type @h63b62 into the message. Option 3- If you already have the app, just add class code: h63b62

    The best way to contact me is with email: jjohns7@neisd.net  or by sending me a Remind message.

    You can reach my webpage at: www.neisd.net/jjohns7