• Background

    This will be my fifth year teaching and learning with ISA's brilliant students. I am a graduate of the Masters of Arts in Teaching program from Trinity University. From my year in the master's program, I taught 9th grade Biology I and 6th grade Science. During undergrad at Trinity, I pursued two majors: Biology and Chinese. I wanted to continue expanding my knowledge of science. I fell in love with microbiology and biochemistry where it is the chemistry behind all the biological functions and systems. Thus, I spent the majority of my undergraduate career researching molecule separation via liquid chromatography with a chemistry professor. I also majored in Chinese language arts because I wanted to also expand my knowledge of my own heritage, language, and culture. I continued research after college with a biochemistry professor to characterize the function and ability of a protein in the electron transport chain.

    Why I Teach
    I am passionate about learning and science. In my experience, successful researchers and innovators are almost always motivated by passion. Scientists have a passion for discovery and knowledge. They constantly want to know "why?" because they are insatiably curious about the world. I am a lifelong learner - always on the search for new knowledge and improvement. Teaching and learning is the foundation for life. I teach science because it is the study of life. My two passions go hand in hand. Understanding fine details and how everything becomes a complex system is a passion. I love science at the micro level where molecules interact and react. At the macro level, organisms interact with others to influence a system. I want to share my passion for learning and science with the future leaders of our world. My goal for my freshman is to have a solid foundation in science to understand the complex relationships in their world. I want them to understand that science and biology is the foundation for life.