• Your grade for this course will be assigned based on how well you do on...
    Daily Assignments: 25%
    Assessments: 55%
    Journal/Warm-ups: 20%

    Daily Assignments: This category includes all in-class assignments, activities, and homework. These grades are based on effort and accuracy. If you make mistakes, you may retrieve accuracy points through corrections. Effort points lost for not attempting problems may not be retrieved. The AP standard is that there are no points awarded for “bald answers” – where work is not shown nor an explanation given. Effort points will not be awarded in most cases where work is not shown (there are exceptions that I will make clear when assignments are given). COMPLETED assignments turned in before the due date will be awarded five bonus points. 20% of the grade will be deducted for assignments turned in after the due date. Students will be given time past the deadline to correct the assignments. After the final deadline, they will not be accepted for a grade. The exact dates will be clearly marked on the calendars provided periodically. Periodic formula/method quizzes will also be placed in the Daily Assignments category. These will count as daily work grades but will not be correctable.

    Assessments: You will have four assessments each quarter (including any portfolio posts). Most assessments will consist of a mix of new and old material to help you prepare for the AP test. On each calendar, there will be a topic list for the assessment. Students who are absent for an assessment may take it sometime during the following week. If the exam is not taken in a timely manner, the student will have to take an alternate version of the test so that other students may receive feedback on their own assessment. The same concepts will be addressed, but not necessarily in the same manner. All assessments are timed. The student's grade will be determined by the quality and quantity of the work completed during one class period. One assessment grade will be dropped each 9-weeks. If a student fails an assessment, they may retake the test for a maximum grade of 80.

    Journal/Warm-upsYou will be expected to keep a journal for this course. Being able to communicate your understanding is vital to your learning. When I ask you to write, you are expected to write in complete sentences (have complete thoughts). Journals will be collected and graded on assessment days.