• Sociology

    Mr. Duelm     jduelm@neisd.net     ISA Room 102

    Office Hours:  Every morning starting at 7:45 except Wednesday and Every Lunch except Friday

    Course Description:

    Sociology is the study of perceptions, actions, and interactions of individuals within groups.  We will study how people and groups of people (i.e. communities) relate to one another and influence each other’s behavior. This course is designed to give students the opportunity to study many aspects of sociology including: culture, crime, relationships, and institutions.  Students have the opportunity to help create the environment and course of study during this semester.  This is meant to be a fun experience for students to better understand and view the world around them and also to better understand their own global perspective. Students are encouraged to take ownership of what we explore in class!


    Here is the Daily Agenda


    Assignments by week:


    For 9/11:

    Continue “The World As I See It” project.  Create an annotated visual representation of “The World as I see it” that answers all 6 questions.  You can use any platform you like (Screencastify, Screen-o-matic, Google Slides, Prezi, etc.) but it must be shareable and the link must be turned into this spreadsheet.  Due end of class 9/12.  We will have a gallery walk on Wednesday, 9/13.

    For the week of 9/5:

    • Conduct a miro-expirament using the "Atomic Society" to test the sociological view of others.
    • Complete the "World As I See It" project

    For the week of 8/28: 

    • Create a top 10 list of your identities
    • Find a NPR Code Switch article to summarize and make personal connections to for a Friday Seminar