STEM MS Uniform Policy

    2023-24 SCHOOL YEAR 
    ID cards are considered a part of the school uniform. All students, faculty and staff are required to wear their ID cards when on campus.  All students are issued a school ID and lanyard free of charge and are expected to be worn around their neck daily.  Students must show their ID when attending after school functions such as games and dances.  Replacement IDs are provided at a cost of $5 in the library before school, after school and during lunch.  

    IDs must be from the current school year and may not be altered in any way by the student (this includes cutting, marking, placing stickers on, or defacing the ID in any way), specifically the face, student name, and barcode must be visible.  IDs not meeting these criteria must be replaced at the student’s expense. 

    Students that do not have an ID and cannot immediately replace it will be required to wear a temporary adhesive name tag on their shirt in an easily visible area to identify them as a student of the campus.  These students will be subject to disciplinary action.  

    Parents are expected to provide attire that complies with the school and district dress code policy. If a student arrives at school and is not in compliance with the school’s uniform policy, he/she will be: (1) asked to call home so that a parent/guardian can bring an appropriate uniform, or (2) provided with a uniform for the day if supplies are available, or (3) placed in the In-School Suspension Program for the remainder of the day.  Persistent noncompliance with the uniform policy will result in further disciplinary action.   
    All other North East Independent School District dress code policies will be enforced.   Click HERE to access the NEISD student dress code (pages 106 & 107).


    •    White, navy blue collared Oxford/polo shirt, long or short sleeves
    •    Nimitz or LEE school shirt
    •    Any College/University shirt
    •    Military branches t-shirt  
    •    STEM shirt  

    •    Only khaki brown, black, grey or blue pants or jeans, shorts, skorts/skirts are permitted.  
    •    Pants and/or shorts will be worn securely at the waist. 
    •    All pants, shorts, skorts/skirts will be conservative and modest in appearance.  No holes, slits, or rips that show skin above the knee inappropriately are permitted on uniform or free dress clothing.  
    •    Shorts, skorts/skirts are not to extend above the fingertips when arms are at your side.
    •    Excessively high slits in clothing will not be permitted.

    ●    Appropriate footwear for school is required.  
    ●    Footwear that has toes/soles with steel, hard plastic or similar materials are prohibited.
    ●    Footwear with wheels is prohibited
    ●    All shoes must have a backing/cover or strap across the back of the heel.  No flip flops, slides, house slippers or shower shoes are allowed.  
    ●    Any color sweatshirt, sweater or cardigan is acceptable as long as an appropriate uniform shirt is worn underneath and it does not have a hood. NO HOODIES are allowed.

    Head Apparel
    ●    Hair must be neat and clean; hairstyles and/or hair colors that are considered by school administration to be distracting and/or disruptive to the educational environment are prohibited.  
    ●    Caps or other head coverings, including bandanas and sweatbands are not permitted.
    ●    Hoods on hooded sweatshirts, shirts and jackets are not allowed.  

    Body Piercing
    ●    Body piercing ornaments and other similar instruments that are considered by school administration to be distracting and/or unsafe to the educational environment are prohibited.  

    The following are NOT acceptable for school:  
    •    Polyester/spandex clothing, leggings without appropriate length shorts or skirt, or wind suits
    •    Visible or exposed underwear or undergarments
    •    Halter tops, exposed midriffs, strapless tops and/or low-cut tops, exposed backs, spaghetti straps, see-through clothing, tank shirts, sleeveless athletic shirts, or fishnet hose  
    •    Clothing with inappropriate or vulgar advertising or statements that are offensive, inflammatory, or inappropriate for the school setting such as, but not limited to, alcohol, sex, violence, tobacco, drugs, satanic, or symbols of gang membership or affiliation (administration has the discretion to determine what is offensive, inappropriate, or vulgar)
    •    Wallet chains, spiked belts and jewelry
    •    Headbands and sweatbands
    •    Visible tattoos and similar body paintings that are inappropriate or disruptive
    ●    Students are allowed to carry backpacks during the school day and may not contain any markings on the straps or backpack itself that are distracting or disruptive to the learning environment. 
    ●    All backpacks are subject to search at any time by administration

    ●    Regular lockers are not used at Nimitz/STEM.
    ●    Lockers are only available to students in PE and athletics for storing athletic equipment and workout clothes.  

    Many opportunities are offered to students to earn FREE dress.  On these days, students are expected to follow the   NEISD dress code policy.