• Peer Assistance Leadership and Service

    Course Syllabus

    PALS Mission Statement

    Mission Statement: The North East Independent School District PALS program is committed to providing students with trained peer helpers. There are no officers in PALS, as every member is considered to be a leader. The members of the PALS program promote healthy decision-making and strive to be positive role models in the community. PALS are committed to being a positive influence in their interactions with others. PALS promote tolerance, non-violence, and a drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free lifestyle. PALS represent the NEISD community with honesty, integrity, and pride.

    Welcome to the Peer Assistance Leadership and Service class for 2017 -2018! Being chosen for PALS is both an honor and a great responsibility as we are asking you to be a positive role model for the Reagan community. PALS is a wonderful experience that hopefully will inspire you throughout your life. Let’s jump right in and get started!

    Contact information: Jennifer Esparza    jespar5@neisd.net

      Ivonne Ruiz           iruiz2@neisd.net              


    • 1” Binder and Journal
    • Daily planner to write down planned PAL events

    Binders are kept in the classroom, however students may need to take them home to finish assignments especially after we start school visits.


    1. Welcome / announcements
    2. Instruction or activities
    3. Debriefing/Reflection: How has the activity changed your perspective? What have we learned?


    PALS is an interactive class where students get to know each other through a variety of activities. In order for the PALS class to run effectively, we will establish norms together during class.  Here are a few specific things we ask of you:

    1. Follow dress codes: feeder school campuses are more conservative than high school campuses. All PALS will be expected to wear one of their PALS shirts when going to meet with their PALee at the feeder schools.
    2. The PALS class earns grades and receives 1 credit on your transcript. You can also expect instruction, assignments, projects, and off-campus privileges.
    3. Being a PAL earns a student the right to leave campus and to drive to feeder schools. If students are unable to drive to feeder schools, then they ride with other PALS who are able to drive. We carpool because it is a great way to get to know other PALS.
    4. Wear PALS shirts to PALS events.
    5. Arrive to class on time (our class and all classes).  Be present at school.  Please avoid scheduling appointments during PALS class.  Your PALee will be disappointed if you do not see them. 
    6. Appropriate cell phone behavior—see Grading section below. 


    The following additions and changes regarding grading and service hours have been added to the PALS Code of Conduct effective for the 2017-18 school year.  Please review the additions and changes, then sign and return the acknowledgment.




    Peer Assistance

    PALee Mentoring

    25% of 9 Weeks Grade

    Minimum of 3 grades per 9 weeks

    Planning & Reflection

    25% of 9 Weeks Grade

    Minimum of 2 grades per week

    Minimum of 3 randomly selected graded visits

      wT-shirt (if not, then -20%)

      wOn time (If late, then -20%)

      wProper engagement with PALees

            (No cell phones unless clearly a benefit to   

             PALee—such as looking something up for  


            w If PAL is absent without communication,   

            this will be one of the 3 or more graded



    Weekly Report Form: Plan & Reflection

      w100 if completed thoughtfully & on time

      w80 if late

      w0 if not completed



    Direct communication with sponsor (prior to class) if absent.

      w50 if no communication, with an

             opportunity to make up to 70 with an

             alternative assignment. 

    Peer Helper Training: initial & through the year

    Share/circle time

      wTeam Building

      wCommunication Activities

      wOther training


    1st 6-9 Weeks Training Period:

      wStudent Presentations &/or Assignments

             discussed and taught during class


    Leadership & Service


    25% of 9 Weeks Grade

    Minimum of 4 grades per 9 weeks


    25% of 9 Weeks Grade

    Minimum of 2 grades

    1. Project Involvement—attendance at one of two major PALS sponsored school or community service projects* per 9 weeks; each PAL is required to serve at one of the events (also counts toward service hours)

    2. Committees documentation—minimum of 3 per 9 weeks

    1. 15 service hours per 9 weeks

    2. Service Hour Log

      w100 if completed thoughtfully and on time     

      w80 if late

      w0 if not completed

    *Additional assignments at sponsor discretion.  Examples of these assignments may include teambuilding activities such as ROPES course, mediation training, and class activities. Assessments over social issues (drug/physical abuse, depression, etc.), and effective communication may also be included.

    It is the PALS’ responsibility to keep up with assignments, service hours, service projects, and all scheduled PALS’ activities. You are given events for each month so that you can plan and be prepared. Students are often involved in many activities that sometimes conflict with PAL responsibilities. Failure to participate in PALS activities can cause a lower average, a probationary status, or removal from the program.  It is the expectation that PALS students will comply with the grading guidance set forth by NEISD as outlined in this syllabus.

    *Please return this signature acknowledgement page to your PALS sponsor(s).


    I have read and fully understand the outlined expectations of the PALS Course Syllabus. I agree to abide by the conditions as stated within the document. My parent’s signature indicates that he/she has also read this document and agrees to support me in my acknowledgement of the information.


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