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  • Here is the page for College Algebra students. You'll be able to find links to videos of the lessons that are taught in class and homework assignments. This Algebra class covers several of the major topics that are covered in previous Algebra classes. However, this course goes deeper into the content than previous classes did and (most significantly) does not allow the use of a graphing calculator.

    Students will be expected to demonstrate understanding of properties of functions, such as graphing different types and interpreting their meaning in context of given situation and they will need to be able to identify the domain and range of functions. Also, students will need to be able to solve various types of equations including: multi-step, rational, radical, absolute value, exponential and logarithmic. Being able to factor or use the quadratic formula  to solve quadratic equations will be an essential skill in this course.


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    This course is not dual credit, however, you may still earn college credit for this course by taking a credit by exam (usually referred to as the CLEP test).

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