Principles of Computer Science

  • Principles of Computer Science
    7th Grade 
    High School Credit

    Fundamentals of Computer Science is intended as a first course for those students just beginning the study of computer science. Students will learn about the computing tools that are used every day. Students will foster their creativity and innovation through opportunities to design, implement, and present solutions to real-world problems. Students will collaborate and use computer science concepts to access, analyze, and evaluate information needed to solve problems. Students will learn the problem-solving and reasoning skills that are the foundation of computer science. By using computer science knowledge and skills that support the work of individuals and groups in solving problems, students will select the technology appropriate for the task, synthesize knowledge, create solutions, and evaluate the results. Students will learn digital citizenship by researching current laws and regulations and by practicing integrity and respect. Students will gain an understanding of the principles of computer science through the study of technology operations and concepts.


    • Coding with blocks, CSS, HTML, and Python
    • Build robotics prototypes and program them to move
    • Webpage development
    • Engineering Notebook

    Materials needed in class each day:  Composition notebook (100 pages) and a Pen

Principles of Computer Science