• Vineyard Ranch - Proud to be Your School of Choice!

    Being a Parent in a position of relocating, our children have been to 4 different schools with Vineyard Ranch being the 4th. The 2016-2017 school year is our first year here at The Ranch, and I am very proud of the decision my husband and I made of enrolling our children here. Our kids love the school, their teachers and most of all their friends. Our kids are so excited to go to school everyday and always have great things to say all the time. A few weeks into the new school year, I asked our kids out of all the schools they have been too which one do they like the most and all of them said "VINEYARD," with such excitement. I asked why, and they said, "our teachers are nice to us, we love learning, the school is so pretty and we have made great friends." Having heard their reasons why, I wanted to share this with other parents who are in the position of searching for schools for their little ones. We, as parents, entrust teachers with our kids and making sure we find the right school that has those teachers, faculty staff, and Principal, I will be the first to say that Vineyard Ranch Elementary does.

    Thank you Mrs. Williams, your faculty, staff and teachers for all that you do for our little ones.

    Warm regards,
    Priscilla Bernal, Proud Vineyard Ranch Parent

    The 2016-2017 school year is our first year at Vineyard Ranch. My son was nervous about starting his 3rd grade year at a new school and my husband and I were anxious as well for him to be starting over. From the moment we walked through the doors of Vineyard Ranch, he was overcome with excitement. Since that first day, his experience at Vineyard Ranch has gotten better and better. We have been so fortunate to have an amazing teacher that has opened her classroom and heart to our son. He knows she cares (even when he may not deserve it) and we feel so confident sending him to school each day. As a North East teacher myself, I can honestly say Vineyard Ranch is special and we wouldn't want our son anywhere else.

    -Kendall Baird Aljibouri

    A coworker of mine spoke wonders about VR to me so I was curious to see if it would be a good fit for my daughter who would have newly arrived from Mexico, mid year to the 2015-2016 school cycle. I looked online and saw it had a 10 grading on greatschools.com. I also decided to visit in person. As soon as I walked in, I loved it! The school was obviously beautiful on the outside, but I was also immediately greeted by the friendly staff inside. Mr. Tim was so nice and helpful from the get go, as well as Ms. Cunningham, who showed me around and explained the Dual Language program to me and in which I ultimately enrolled my daughter. Since her English wasn't fluent, I thought this would be a smoother transition for her. 

    When she arrived for 1st grade in January, she was welcomed by her sweet teacher Ms. Guzman. My daughter, still nervous and scared after such a big change, adapted quite well pretty soon, in great part due to the amazing system and the caring staff.

    Now my daughter is in 2nd grade. Her English has improved so much in less than a year! She is excelling in her class and, most importantly, is super happy to go to school everyday! There is no better gift, in my opinion. She loves her school!

    I am so grateful to have decided to enroll her here. There are so many great things about the school but I cannot emphasize enough that Vineyard's greatest asset is its faculty and staff. Although we've run into a few hiccups along the way, solutions have been found and implemented because they actually take these concerns seriously. 

    Thank you teachers, thank you staff and thank you to the wonderful principal, Ms. Williams, for such an amazingl team! I am so fortunate to place my daughter in your hands every single day. 

    -Ana E. Gomez

    Un compañero de trabajo me habló maravillas de la escuela VR, así que tenia curiosidad de saber si sería buena opción para mi hija que recién llegaría de México, a medio año del ciclo escolar 2015-2016. Investigué en línea y vi que tenía calificación de 10 en greatschools.com. También decidí visitar en persona. En cuanto entré, me encantó! La escuela era obviamente hermosa por fuera pero ya adentro, también fui recibida por el personal amable. El Sr. Tim desde un inicio fue muy amigable y servicial, al igual que la Srita. Cunningham quien me mostró el campus y me explicó sobre el programa Dual de Idiomas, en el cual acabé inscribiendo a mi hija. Ya que su inglés todavía no era fluido, pensé que el programa sería una transición más suave.

    Cuando llegó a primer grado en enero, su dulce maestra Ms. Guzmán le dio la bienvenida. Mi hija, aun nerviosa y asustada después de tan gran cambio, se adaptó muy bien y en poco tiempo, en gran parte por el maravilloso sistema y el personal tan lindo.

    Ahora ella está en segundo grado. Su inglés ha mejorado bastante en menos de un año! Está sobresaliendo en su salón pero, lo más importante es que a diario va feliz a la escuela! No hay mejor regalo que ese, en mi opinión. Adora a su escuela!

    Estoy muy agradecida por haber tomado la decisión de inscribirla aquí. La escuela tiene muchas cosas buenas pero no puedo dejar de hacer hincapié en que la mejor cualidad es su personal administrativo y docente. Aun con algunos tropiezos en el camino, se han encontrado e implementado soluciones porque en realidad toman estas preocupaciones seriamente. 

    Gracias maestras, gracias personal, y gracias a la maravillosa directora, Srita. Williams, por un equipo increíble! Soy muy afortunada en dejar a mi niña en sus manos todos los días.

    -Ana E. Gomez

    After hearing such great things about the bilingual program from other families on our street we decided to prep our daughter for a bilingual education, by sending her to a bilingual pre-school. We feel like we are very lucky to have a program like the one at Vineyard Ranch. This is our first child that we have sent off to school, with that being said her safety and her confidence is our main concern. We feel they take the kids safety very serious and her confidence has only been boosted while starting this school. We are very happy with the school and the bilingual program! 

    -Theresa Hoffmann