• ¡Bienvenidos a Español IF!

    This is an intensive course of Spanish language. Students are encouraged to study on daily basis, keep good notes, vocabulary and expressions organized in a way that they can access them quickly when necessary.

    Students will have plenty of opportunities to participate and practice the language in the four forms of speech (speaking, writing, reading, and listening) and they will be evaluated that way.

    First semester: Students will be provided with the vocabulary and expressions that will enable them to interact with other people: introducing themselves; greeting each other; asking people simple questions to get to know each other; talk about their daily activities (in school and after school) and making and responding to invitations.

    Second semester: Students will continue getting the necessary vocabulary and expressions to talk about places they frequent and what they do there; give opinions about places in San Antonio; make simple purchases at stores; places they want to visit; things they want/need to do while traveling and navigate the community they are visiting.

    Culture and habits of Spanish speaking countries will be embedded in our thematic units as well, with the purpose of not only providing the students with Spanish language but with the appropriate cultural traits that will help them navigate in Hispanic culture more appropriately.



    Spanish 1F Curriculum




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