• Family

    I have an adult son who has been married for 2 years, is a mechanic and in school at UTSA to finish his Mechanical Engineering Degree. They love to travel and spend time together with my grand dog, Chiquita, and  grand cat, Angel. I dog sit Chiquita whenever they travel and we love having her with us.

    I am a foster parent and soon to be adoptive parent to 6 children ages 6-13. I also have 6 dogs at home (2 black Labs, 2 Border Collies, 1 Chihuahua, and 1 Wire-Haired Terrier). Between the kids and the dogs my house is always loud, chaotic, and full of activity. I'm used to calm and quiet, but I've managed to adapt!

    We are all active at Community Bible Church, Adult & Kids' Choir, and Youth. We love swimming, bowling, watching movies, and art! I am an artist/painter and have painted over 50 paintings that hang in every room of my house. My little kids love to draw, color, and do art too!

    Picture of son's wedding Picture of my dog paintings


    Some of my FAVORITE things




    Helping people

    Serving others

    Mexican food

    Good salsa

    Chinese food



    Advocating for animals

    Adocating for children