• Parent and Student Testimonials......


    "You've touched Alyssa in many ways, you have brought her academic sucess, a boost to her self-esteem, kind words, a hug, a smile or your everyday presence." -Bernie B. (parent)


    "Mrs. Elseth is someone that teaches by being challenging, engaging, motivating, creative, aware, inspiring, patient, positive, knowledgeable, nurturing, warm, compassionate, intelligent, energetic, and dedicated. I can't be more thankful that Zach was assigned to your classroom." -Dave H. (parent)


    "Thank you for all the work that you've done this year for Ryan. I've really seen him improve in many areas." -Cingy G. (parent)


    "You were like the best teacher ever. Thank you for all of your kindness and love to everyone. I am glad you are the queen of everything." -Brianna M. (student)


    "She thinks the world of you. We think you have been an incredible influence in her life." -Leigia G. (parent)


    "Elizabeth is very fond of you, and we are very pleased with her academic progress. I am delighted that you are also an Aggie." -Karen W. (parent)


    "Because of you I am good at cursive." - Brianna S. (student)


    "Thanks for helping with tutoring. We couldn't have made it through third grade without you!" -Ika R. (parent)


    "Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. I enjoy going to school everyday. You have made third grade really fun and you have taught me a lot." -Dakodus H. (student)