• Strayer: Ways of the World
    note: a hardcopy of this text and an online book is provided for you

    • If you have not received a hardcopy, go to the Teacher Dining Room during lunch. Have your ID

    AMSCO: AP World History Modern
    note: you must purchase this book or read one of my copies after school. If you order early it is around $19 plus shipping.

    note: I will supply paper towels, tissues, dividers, calendars, and essay paper. I've kept purchasing to a minimum since I require a secondary text. You're expected to bring your binder to class everyday.

    • 1.5-2 inch binder. Not flimsy, dedicated ONLY for this class
    • Blue or Black Ink Pen
    • No. 2 Pencil
    • Loose Leaf Notebook Paper

  • AMSCO<sup>®</sup><br>Advanced Placement<sup>®</sup> <br>World History: Modern

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