•         Gauge Grading Policy


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    Grading Policy

    Your grade will reflect how well you understand and can demonstrate mastery of the concepts taught in class and will be based on three categories:

                Category                    Percent                      Examples

                Assignments                 50%                        class assignments/Projects/Informal assessments

                Assessments                 35%                        Tests/quizzes
                Semester Exam             15%


    Class assignments are due on the last day of the week. All quizzes are due on the day of the test.

    As with any skill, practice is imperative to improvement. When class work is assigned it is the student’s responsibility to be sure the assignment is understood prior to leaving class. All assignments will be collected daily and an average of all grades for the week will be given at that time.  Students will be expected to write problems, show ALL steps of work, and have complete answers.

    Make-up Work

    If you are absent, you are responsible for all work missed.  Work missed can be found in the classroom folder.  You may need to work with a partner to get notes or an explanation of missed work, or you may also see me before or after school for an explanation of what was missed.  If you miss a quiz or a test, you will need to make it up during or outside of class time.  You have one day for each day absent to complete the work missed unless you have good reasons justifying special permission. 

     Helpful Tips and Class guidelines

     - Come to class on time and be prepared, bringing all materials needed for class.  This includes pencils, paper, and your notebook.

    - An assignment will be considered late if it is not turned in when I call for it.  Late assignments will be graded for a highest grade of 80%. Extra time is considered if specified in student's IEP.

    - Follow directions the first time they are given.

    - Participate appropriately in class activities.

    - Respect other’s feelings and their properties.


    If you fails a Test, you can come in during my tutoring time for a re-teach session and do test corrections with me.  

     Parent Conference

    Dear Parents, I am available to talk with you concerning your child’s progress.  Please call the office (210-356-1400) if you desire a conference, and I will contact you as soon as possible.  You can also e-mail me with any concerns at glyou@neisd.net.

    Conduct Evaluation Process for Classes.

    In order for a student to be eligible for a SEMESTER EXAM exemption, please keep in mind that a conduct code of N or U will automatically revoke the possibility of an exemption.

    Conduct Notes:

    E - Excellent
    1.   No tardies
    2.   No absences
    3.  Follows class and school rules
    4.  No ISS (In School Suspension)  for any reason

    S - Satisfactory
    1.   1-3 tardies
    2.   1-3 absences
    3.  Follows class and school rules
    4.  No ISS (In School Suspension)  due to misbehavior in your classes

    N  - Needs Improvement
    1.   4-6 tardies
    2.   4-5 absences
    3.  Parent contact for conduct
    4.  No ISS (In School Suspension)  due to misbehavior in your classes

    U - Unsatisfactory
    1.   7 or more tardies
    2.   6 or more absences
    3.  Parent contact for conduct
    4.  ISS (In School Suspension)  due to misbehavior in your classes or overnight suspension