• Class Rules

    1.  Come to school every day.

    2.  Bring your supplies every day to class.

    3.  Have your materials organized.

    4.  Pay attention in class.

    5.  Complete assignments on time.

    6.  Follow directions.

    7.  Ask for help when you need it.

    8.  Participate in all activities.

    9.  Follow all school rules.

    10.Always try to do your best.


    Verbal Practice

    Verbal practice in class and at home is necessary.  Listening and participating in class will increase your ability to communicate in the target language.  TV, radio, computer games, workbooks, puzzles, real conversations with real people, listening to others speaking spanish whenever possible, and attending hispanic cultural events--all of these are good "immersion" tools and will help you with your spanish. 



    A student participating in cheating will receive a grade of "0" on the assignment, test or activity and a "U" in conduct will be recorded for the nine weeks.