• Spanish Level 1: Course Description
    This is a high school credit class that requires total attention to speaking, writing, and listening practices because students are assessed on performance (just as in playing an instrument, practice is necessary).  In addition, students will notebe responsible to copy vocabulary, grammar and cultural notes.   This is a copy/reinforcement assignment that counts as a project.  The copying will help students review the material and serve as a reference.  At the end of the year, students will turn in their textbooks and will need these notes to review for the final exam.
    The material is this class is important and new every day.  This course builds from day to day, much like a math course will build on former concepts.  At home or at school, students are encouraged to speak the targeted language daily.  Please make doctor/dental appointments after school in order to avoid missing lessons.  It is difficult for students to make up a lost day in this particular class.  Students may need to come to tutoring as soon as possible to get a "reteaching" and to turn in any missing or late work----of course, when students are seriously ill, or in the event that there is a death/serious situation in the family.  I will make every effort to help the student catch up--- in such cases, even after school unto 4:00 p.m.


    Spanish 1A/1B

    Students will take two years of Spanish at middle school in order to have the first year of high school Spanish credit.  Your child must pass 8th grade Spanish (second year) in order to receive the credit. After that, your student will be placed in Spanish II, 9th grade at high school.


    Spanish 1F

    8F (full year, 8th. grade) students follow the high school pattern and complete the entire Level I in one school year....otherwise, the course is different from the other middle school classes because of its faster pace and because it is even more intensive----double speed.