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    STEM Academy has approximately 360 middle school students across grades 6-8. STEM Academy operates as a School Within a School. STEM students take all core classes and STEM electives from a STEM faculty member, whereas all fine arts, athletics and foreign language classes are taken with the Nimitz faculty. STEM students are part of the Chester Nimitz student body.


    The purpose of the STEM Academy is to increase student achievement by engaging and exposing students to innovative STEM instruction while simultaneously acting as demonstration sites for math and science teaching and learning statewide.

    In the context of a small, diverse learning community united by a common interest in the significant issues of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, the STEM Academy creates visions of future academic and career possibilities and enables students to translate those visions into the realities of college graduation, informed citizenship, and international leadership.

    The STEM Academy serves as a model of problem-based, technology-rich curriculum that enables and empowers students and faculty to engage in professional learning environments where science and math serve as vehicles for discovery, innovation, and independent problem solving.


STEM Director

Jennifer Jensen

STEM Assistant Director

Lane Smiley


Awards and Accolades


    STEM Overview

    Celebrating: 14 years

    STEM Middle School: Nimitz
    STEM High School: LEE

    120 Students Enrolled per grade level

    STEM Specializations

    Science, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing & Mathematics