Phone: 210-356-3500


Degrees and Certifications:

BS Trinity University MS UTSA (Curriculum and Instruction) GT Math Certification

Mrs. Kristene Hays



Welcome!  I am so looking forward to our new adventure!  This is my 18th year teaching at Eisenhower Middle School, my third in middle school science.  I have taught math here at IKE for the last 15 years. I have been honored with TWO lifetime PTA memberships.  I have served as the Academic UIL Coordinator for the past 14 years.  Our teams have taken many students to the state competitions.  Eisenhower is a wonderful school and a great place to learn.

 I earned my Bachelor's degree from Trinity University and my Master's from UTSA.  I started my career in elementary school and worked with students in grades 2-5 in all subjects for 10 years. 

I love math, science, learning new things, and animals. My husband and I have been married for the past 17 years and we have an adorable 4 1/2 year old grandson. 

 I look forward to the fun we will have in the 2022-2023 school year!

Again, welcome to the grand adventure which is the middle school experience!




Class Schedule


     AM: 7:50-8:20   Breakfast/tutoring time/ 6th graders in auditorium   


    1ST PERIOD: 8:25-9:15               6th grade AIM  

    2ND PERIOD 9:19-10:04       6th grade science   

    SHINE: 10:04-10:16              2nd Period Students                                    

    3RD PERIOD: 10:20-11:05    6th grade science                                                                                    

    LUNCH: 11:05- 11:35 

    4TH PERIOD: 11:39- 12:24    6th grade science                                                        

    5TH PERIOD: 12:28: 1:13      6th grade AIM  

    6TH PERIOD: 1:17- 2:02        conference period                                             

    7TH PERIOD: 2:06-2:51         6th grade science     

    8TH PERIOD: 2:55-3:40         6th grade science      




    AM: 7:50-8:20   Breakfast/tutoring time/

                              6th graders in auditorium     


    1ST PERIOD: 8:25-8:57       6th grade AIM   

    6TH PERIOD: 9:01- 9:31      conference period                                                             

    2ND PERIOD: 9:35- 10:05    6th grade science                                                                                     

    3RD PERIOD: 10:09- 10:39   6th period science                                                        

    7TH PERIOD: 10:43-11:13     6th grade science   

    LUNCH  11:13-11:43 

    4TH PERIOD: 11:47-12:17     6th grade science                                              

    5TH PERIOD: 12:21-12:51     6th grade AIM     

    8TH PERIOD: 12:55- 1:25      6th grade science