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School Facts

Enrollment: 992
Year Opened: 1981
School Colors: Burnt Orange/White
Mascot: Wranglers




Home of the Wood Wranglers, John H. Wood opened its doors in March of 1981. It was the seventh middle school to open in NEISD. It was built to relieve Madison High School which at the time housed grades six through twelve. Madison HS and Roosevelt HS are currently its two feeder high schools. Our sixth graders come from El Dorado, Fox Run, Woodstone and Stahl Elementary Schools. In 1987, the students and faculty placed a Constitutional Bicentennial Time Capsule in one wall of the foyer that was opened in 2012. The contents of the time capsule were revealed at that time. Bond Elections have helped with the construction of new Choir/Orchestra building, Science building and the renovations of our cafeteria, kitchen, library, track area and HVAC units as well as the most recent addition of a new gym which opened for the 2012-2013 school year.


John H. Wood, Jr. (1916-1979) born in Rockport, Texas on March 31, 1916 was a renowned lawyer, jurist and US District Court Judge. His assassination spurred the largest and most expensive FBI murder investigation to date. His ancestors settled in Texas in 1836 and helped found the towns of Rockport, Saint Mary's and Woodsboro. Judge Wood received all schooling in Texas. He was appointed to the federal bench in September 1970 by President Nixon. He was a tough judge who was known for his strict adherence to courtroom procedures with a strong-willed courtroom presence. His willingness to impose maximum sentences to drug traffickers earned him the nickname of "Maximum John". San Antonio's courtroom also bears his name.


Many Wranglers who have walked the halls have returned to educate our students. Denise Perez, Selena (Guenther) Ramos, Heather Brown, Jamie Jennings and Matt Heine were former Wood Wranglers and now hold teaching positions as Wranglers. The Wrangler spirit remains in all who grace its halls!


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