Windcrest WatchDOGS

Watch DOGS

“WatchDOGS” is an innovative adult involvement, educational initiative.  Our goal is to provide positive role models for students, demonstrating by our presence that education is important. We provide an extra set of eyes and ears to enhance school security and reduce bullying.

“WatchDOGS - Junior Volunteers” is a program started in May 2013.  This program involves the students.  Each junior volunteer is accompanied by an adult WatchDOG.  Duties include walking the halls and school grounds, checking doors, buildings, being a presence.  It’s an honor to be a junior volunteer and allows the students to be a good example, showing respect for others.

We invite everyone to join “WatchDOGS”.  Adult volunteers are required to submit to a background check and be approved through the NEISD volunteer process.   Students are voluntary and selected randomly.   We encourage families to join together and work with their student.  This is an opportunity for families to spend more time together in a school environment.

Please visit (NEISD volunteer) to complete your required background check.  Send us an email if you need any assistance

We are in a startup mode and in need of supplies and promotional items.  Any financial support you can provide is deeply appreciated. 
Please help your Windcrest WatchDOGS with a donation.  Make your check, money order or cashier’s check payable to the Windcrest Elementary School PTA, a 501(C)3, nonprofit organization. 

Mail to:

C/O Windcrest Elementary School
465 Faircrest Dr.
Windcrest, TX