Wellness at Ed White Middle School


September 8 of 2011 marked the first day when the Ed White Health Committee (EWHC) was formed. The decay of America’s health is a crucial issue today. Within the past decade, researches reflect a worrying trend: increasing cases of obesity, diabetics and heart problems. Furthermore, preconditions of these ailments are on-setting at an earlier age. As part of an initiative to improving the wellbeing of our Eagle citizens, the inspiration behind forming this council is to address local school challenges, and to engineer the appropriate solutions. A defining goal EWHC is using as recognition of their success is to get EWMS national recognition as a healthy school by April 2012.

Each meeting, since its formation, is structuring out ambitious programs. Consisting of members who represent the student body, faculty, parents and neighboring businesses, EWHC is going to function as a cross-road for important dialogues that explores the complexities of health and wellness. Projects range from the small scale daily interventions like providing healthy meal to a 5K marathon hosting around 300 volunteers. When it comes to the matter of executing these projects, most of the committee members agree that a lot needs to be done. Where this perception ends, however, is when one notices the potential return from such ventures. The social benefits from successfully executing just one project are manifold. Therefore, proceeding forward, EWHS maintains a realistic assurance in their endeavors. 

While staying open to trying new ideas, the committee is currently in operation to accomplish certain ventures. The following bullet points briefly summarize such projects.


Running for Life. This is a 5K marathon projected to take place on May 12 (Saturday), which is during Eagle Fest. The aim is bring greater awareness around certain health issues. Hoping to attract around 200 members of this community, volunteers will walk or fast jog around 3.1 miles. Dogs are welcomed to partake. Fun Run Flyer


Passport to Wellness. Selected individuals are given a wellness passport. If they take actions that promote wellness, whether by starting a new program or attending & accomplishing certain things, they earn stamps. Certain number of stamps corresponds to rewards.


YMCA & EWMS partnership. Nominated students get 6 month membership to YMCA along with access to several other scholarships. The aim is to explore the connection between health & wellness to better academic performance.


Fuel Up to Play 60.


An on-site fitness center. Portables are going to be converted into fitness center. At certain hours, this facility will be available for faculty use.


Healthy Snack Stalls. We can set up stalls after school that sell and educate students about healthy consumption. We can talk to Mr. Cement about this; can be a potential source of revenue.


Website. The goal for this site is to serve as a centralized source on health related issues and information. Opportunities that specifically beneficial to the EWMS members will posted there.


Flyers. Fun Run Flyer


More information will be available with time. If you have any questions regarding these events, please contact the following: Mr. Rizo at frizo@neisd.net