Special Education

2013-14 Ed White Middle School
Special Education Department

Special Education Campus Coordinator
Jana Severyns
(210) 356-5936

Jana Severyns
Jana Severyns

Special Education Clerk
Lynn Odom
(210) 356-3935
School Psychologist
Brian Kelly, LSSP
(210) 356-5950

Special Education Faculty

Adam Apodaca 7th grade Math co-teach
Barbara Baker 6th grade Reading/English co-teach
James Caldwell 6th grade Math co-teach
Vida Floyd 7th/8th grade English co-teach
Kimberly Glenn 8th grade Math co-teach
Gaston Griffon 7th/8th Social Studies co-teach
Jennifer Grota 8th grade Reading/English co-teach
Elizabeth (Liz) Gardner 7th grade Reading co-teach
Sandra Martinez Reading/English Labs
Julie Reese ALE
Francene Rose 7th/8th Science co-teach
Richard Simpson Redirection
Francisca (Francis) Sparks 6th Science/Social Studies co-teach
Samuel Ciment Math labs / 8th Math co-teach
Latoya Phidd Speech Pathologist
Bonnie Smith ALE instructional assistants
Elizabeth Johnson ALE instructional assistants
Susan Carde ALE instructional assistants
Alice Richards-Keating Redirection assistant
LaTisha Harrison Instructional Assistants/Inclusion
James Bonney Instructional Assistants/Inclusion
Desiree Smith Instructional Assistants/Inclusion
Stephanie Denney Instructional Assistants/Inclusion
Francesca Clark Instructional Assistants/Inclusion


The Special Education Department at White is a support system for the general education program. We offer a wide range of Special Education programs/services.  We are equipped to meet the needs of the diverse population in the least restrictive environment.

The programs/services that are provided on this campus are: Teaching Learning Center, Lab Class, ReDirection/Social Skills, Adaptivee Learning Environment (A.L.E.), and Speech and Language Therapy.

Lab Class

A special education teacher in a special education class setting instructs students with learning difficulties as necessary when they are unable to achieve district mastery criteria in mainstream or co-teach classes in Reading, Language Arts and/or Mathematics.  Students qualifying for Labs must be functioning well below grade level and will take a TAKS-M test as their state assessment.


ReDirection is a special education campus behavior management program designed to empower assigned students to take responsibility for their own behaviors while learning appropriate behavior skills.  The fundamental goal is to keep students in their regular classes each day for instruction, while supplementing with behavior skills instruction and behavior intervention as needed.  ReDirection teaches impulsive students to think before acting, and to visualize and be aware of the desired behavior.  ReDirection is not punishment or ISS.  ReDirection is typically reserved for students who qualify for special education with an emotional disturbance.  If the behaviors are such that the student needs additional support, a social skills class may be added to replace one elective.

Adapted Physical Education

The adapted physical education program has been designed to provide students with developmental disabilities the opportunity to enhance the quality of life, community living, and the recreational environment.  The program promotes the development of motor and related skills through a process in which the unique needs of each student with a disability are determined by the integration of appropriate assessment, programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Adaptive Learning Environment (ALE)

The programs/services that are provided on this campus are:  Co-Teach, Instructional Facilitation, Redirection/Social Skills, Resource (math and reading), Lab Math, English, and Reading, Adapted Learning Environment (ALE), and Speech Language Therapy.


Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy is the identification and /or language disorders.  The program is designed to provide speech and language services to students ages 3-21 who meet specific eligibility criteria.  Services are provided by licensed, or TEA. certified speech-language pathologist who possesses a Master's Degree.

Here is a power point to show what we have to offer.






AYP School Choice 2012-13: The North East Independent School District (NEISD) is sharing information as part of its obligations under the Federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 concerning Adequately Yearly Progress (AYP)

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