Tutoring will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Transportation is offered on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Students must be added to the transportation list by their teacher.

STAAR Testing Dates

For May...

STAAR 6-7th Mathematics

8:00 AM

Monday, May 09, 2016

STAAR 8th Mathematics Retest

8:00 AM

Monday, May 09, 2016

STAAR 6-7th Reading

8:00 AM

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

STAAR 8th Reading Retest

8:00 AM

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

STAAR 8th Science 8:00 AMWednesday, May 11, 2016
STAAR 8th Social Studies 8:00 AMThursday, May 12, 2016

10 Things To Do Before the STAAR Test

10. Pack a good healthy lunch. Your angry, growling stomach may distract others from their test.
9. Study your study guide. No really, do it.
8. Record your favorite show to watch for later so you can go to bed early and get some good rest.
7. Beg someone to cook you a homemade breakfast complete with pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Come on, you need brain food.
6. Dress in layers. Too hot? Too cold? No problem here.
5. Plan on taking your time. What else are you going to do for four hours?
4. Bring one of those books that sit on your book shelf all the time, but you never read.
3. Plan on using strategies. Your teachers really do know what they're talking about!
2. Chant "I am brilliant!" ten times on your way to school to boost your confidence.
1. ALWAYS , ALWAYS, ALWAYS, remember to try your absolute best. This is your future we’re talking about.

10 Things NOT To Do Before the STAAR Test

10. DON’T stay at the bingo hall all night with your granny hoping to win BIG!
9. DON’T stay up talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend on the phone saying, "No, you hang up first."
8. DON’T eat a Snickers and drink a Monster for breakfast. These are Not brain food!
7. DON’T forget to take a shower before you come to school. Your smell can distract others from their test.
6. When a family member wakes you up DON’T burst out "Don't Wake Me Up", and then go back to sleep.
5. DON’T forget all the test-taking strategies your teachers spent the last seven months teaching you!
4. DON’T stay up all night watching TV, or using social media. Your brain won’t be happy, happy, happy the next morning.  REMEMBER!!!  Instagram and Snapchat will still be around after the test!  
3. DON’T try to be like Batman and sleep upside down all night.
2. DON’T try to get your dog to eat your study guide. Dude, not cool.
1. DON’T give up. Try your best, and you can succeed!

Campus News for April

April Student of the Month

6th Grade


Alejandro Martinez


Anna Lazzaretti

Social Studies

Jennifer Almogela


Jacob Cortez


Alexandria Garner


Janelle Donovan


Layla McManus

7th Grade


Nathan Castillo


Antonio Price

Social Studies

Angelina Longoria


Israel Monsivais


Hope Soto


Jordan Cross


Vinnie Rangel

8th Grade


Keivinae Lockhart


Angel Reyes

Social Studies

Isiah Johnson


Madison Montoya


Cheyenne Pollard


Brian Venegas


Aaron Hecox

Athletic News

The Ed White Eagles 1st Annual Lift-A-Thon will be Wednesday April, 27th, 2016 from 5:30-7:00 pm in the new Ed White Middle School Gym.  This event will benefit the Ed White Middle School Boy's Athletic Department.  The Lift-A-Thon will be open to the public and formal Eagles.  Athletes will be attempting to bench press max to earn money pledge per pound.  Funds will be used for improvements to the weight room, athletic facilities, and new equipment.  It will be a night of fun, excitement, and outstanding performances from our male athletes.  Come out and see the latest improvements and our exciting plans for the future.  Have any questions?  Contact Coach Gallardo at mailto:jgalla2@neisd.net or 210-356-5900.

Band News

On April 20th, the Ed White Middle School Band competed at the UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Competition and brought back a 1 on Stage and a 2 in Sight-Reading.  The pieces performed by the band were American Spirit March (Higgins), A Sailor's Odyssey (Bobrowitz), and  Pinnacle (Grice)

Looking at the website for UIL Concert and Sight-Reading, it states that...

"A primary goal of our music programs should be to produce students who are musically literate and prepared to experience a lifetime of musical enrichment. The development of sight-reading skills is central to the achievement of this primary goal and also facilitates the successful performance of a greater body of musical literature. Therefore, the development of specific sight-reading skills should be included at all levels of instruction and should encompass the essential elements of performance required to make appropriate, independent musical judgments and insure success during the initial reading of a musical work.

The primary purpose of the commissioned sight-reading music is to test musical literacy at specific levels. The guidelines stated for the sight-reading material provide the composer with a parameter of difficulty in composing music for each specific classification. All of the elements need not be used in each composition."

The Band is under the direction of Head director, Amy Worman and Assistant Director Joseph MacLemore, According to Ms. Worman. "The last time we got a 1 on stage was 2008! The sight reading had a tricky spot in the middle that threw us a little but they finished strong.  I'm so proud of them. Go Eagles!!!"  Yes, Go Eagles, and a big congratulations to the directors and their budding young musicians! 

Counselor's Office News

Drug Awareness and Self-Harm Informational Talk

What parents need to know about drugs and their teen-agers.  Summer time is upon us and many teens with indulge in drug use out of boredom.  The more you are informed about drugs as a parent, the better equipped you will be to handle what your teen will choose or not choose to do in regards to drugs. 

Bethel Prevention Coalition’s program director, Keely Petty will be talking about drugs and their effects on our teens and community.  It’s time to take charge and gain our youth back.

Corrina E. Herrera M.S., LPC., Clinic Administrator II with THE CENTER FOR HEALTH SERVICES Children’s Behavioral Division will be speaking on Self-Harm.  She will share on the definition of self-harm, the warning signs, DOs and DON’Ts and treatment. She will also speak on suicide and crisis interventions.  Thursday, May 5, 2016 6:00-8:00 pm.  Ed White Middle School Cafeteria

For more information contact:

Betty Arredondo, STAN Counselor

210-356-5913 or earred5@neisd.net 

Drugs, Dares, and Dangerous Tech Trends

Are you really in the know about drugs, dares, and dangerous technology trends? This session is designed to increase drug, alcohol, and technology awareness for all members of the school community.  Attendees will learn the latest trends and will be amazed at the different ways our students are hiding drugs.  Participants will also learn about dangerous apps and technology trends affecting the school community.  May 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:30pm.  Strictly Adult Audience.  Ed White Middle School Cafeteria

For more information contact:

Betty Arredondo, STAN Counselor

210-356-5913 or earred5@neisd.net 

Family Specialist News  

Looking for something fun and educational to do this summer?  Well look no further.  NEISD and Good Samaritan Community Services are teaming up for Camp Good Sam.  If you are interested in seeing what it's all about, and signing up, click on the file for the application.  
Camp Good Sam Flyer_NEISD 2016.pdf

Click to watch a video on how summer programs impact at-risk youth!  

PTA News

Box Tops

The PTA is still collecting box tops. Bring 10 or more and get free popcorn on Friday.  Just what are Box Tops?  

It all started in California in 1996.

General Mills wanted to create a program to help support education and benefit America’s schools – and so, Box Tops for Education™ was born. As part of the initial test program, Box Tops were only available on select Big G cereals, such as Cheerios™, Total™ and Lucky Charms™.

The program was such a huge success that it soon launched on other General Mills products and expanded across the nation. By 1998, more than 30,000 schools were clipping Box Tops and earning cash to buy the things they needed: books, computers, playground equipment and more.

Over the next four years, the Box Tops for Education™ program doubled to include brands such as Pillsbury™, Old El Paso™ and Green Giant™. By 2004, over 82,000 schools across the nation participated in Box Tops, earning more than $100 million.

In 2006, for the first time, non-food brands began to participate; now families could clip Box Tops from Ziploc®, Hefty®, Kleenex® and Scott® products, too. As the program expanded, school earnings increased. By 2010, schools across the nation had earned over $320 million.

Today, America’s schools have earned over $719 million, and you can find Box Tops on hundreds of products throughout the grocery store.

Theatre News

This past Saturday the Theatre Department and the Debate Club, under the direction of Mr. Fellers and Mr. Wayment, competed in the NEISD Spring Festival Meet.  The students did an amazing job representing Ed White.  Here is the list of awards that these talented students brought back…

Receiving a 1st Place Plaque

Yeraldine Ramirez for Dramatic Interpretation

Angela Guillen and Jaina Smith for Duet Acting

Receiving a 2nd Place Blue Ribbon

Elizabeth Fekkos for Poetry

EJ Pope for Impromptu Speaking 

Melanie Herrera for Impromptu Speaking

Receiving a 3rd Place Red Ribbon

Lavell Hubbard for Poetry

Daniel King for Impromptu Speaking

Jeremiah Rios for Impromptu Speaking

Jaina Smith for Impromptu Speaking

Angela Guillen for Impromptu Speaking

Amirah Perkins for Impromptu Speaking

Kiara Dwight for Impromptu Speaking

Elizabeth Fekkos for Impromptu Speaking

Yeraldine Ramirez for Impromptu Speaking

Receiving a 4th Place White Ribbon

Louis Ramirez for Impromptu Speaking

Spencer Pasco for Impromptu Speaking

Tyler Hunt for Impromptu Speaking

Megan Gaston for Impromptu Speaking

Julian McKee and Megan Gaston for Duet Acting 

Trinity Prize News

Since the 1981-82 academic year, Trinity University's Department of Education has bestowed the Trinity Prize for Excellence in Teaching on truly outstanding teachers from pre-kindergarten to Grade 12. Hailed by educators throughout the San Antonio region as a prestigious hallmark of dedication and commitment, the Trinity Prize recognizes and honors individual teachers as well as teaching as a profession.  This year, Mr. Frank Hammen was the recipient of the Trinity Prize for Ed White Middle School.  Congratulations Mr. Hammen!  

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Yearbook News

Image titleYearbook 2016.  These moments matter.  Order you 2015-2016 Ed White Middle School Yearbook TODAY!!! There's nothing else like getting your copy of the Ed White Middle School official yearbook.  It's the limited edition collection of our school's stories for this year.  Don't let your student miss out on sharing and reliving the big events that will make this year special.  The cost is only $35.00.  You can pay on campus with cash, or click on the link to the left to make your purchase online through Jostens.

Past News Stories

Social Media
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Communities in Schools at Ed White

Cardboard Kids Is a Child Abuse Prevention Campaign Happening

in San Antonio

In 2014, there were 5434 confirmed cases of child abuse and neglect in Bexar County. And while that number is staggering, it’s just as shocking to learn that only 1 in 10 sexually abused children ever make an outcry, meaning thousands more children in and around San Antonio are victims of abuse, typically by someone the child knows, loves, and trusts.

To bring awareness to this incredibly urgent issue, ChildSafe created the Cardboard Kids Campaign. Cardboard Kids are 2-foot tall cardboard figures shaped like children that represent one of the thousands of children that are abused and neglected at the hands of adults in our community each year.

This is Childsafe’s third year to partner with local businesses, clubs, organizations and individuals to decorate and display a Cardboard Kid representing one of the thousands of children who suffer from abuse and neglect at the hands of adults in Bexar County every year.

Community members, businesses, and families are encouraged to decorate and display their own Cardboard Kids on “Reveal Day” on April 7, to create awareness about child abuse and neglect and our mission of ending child abuse in Bexar County.

Anaissa Martinez is our Communities In Schools Site Coordinator at here at Ed White.  She can reached at 210-356-5955 or by e-mail
a-marti2@neisd.net for help with community resources or additional support.  Click on the link below for more information on the Communities in Schools Program. 

Image title
Image title

Communities in Schools
White MS Watchdogs
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