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North East has two unique programs for gifted elementary students, Gifted and Talented K-2 and Gifted and Talented 3-5.  Gifted and Talented K-2, or G/T K-2, is for students in Kindergarten through Second grade who have been identified as having potential for high academic ability.  Gifted and Talented 3-5, or G/T 3-5, is for 3rd-5th grade students who have been identified as intellectually and academically gifted.

Students with high grades and test scores, or proof of qualification from another district’s gifted program, may be nominated for testing for the G/T program.  Nominations may be made by teachers, parents, counselors or administrative personnel, and must be sent in writing to the campus G/T teacher.  Students who are nominated for testing should be consistently scoring in the high 90’s in standardized tests and grades.  Nominations should be made prior to the appropriate testing period. 

  Testing Periods

2nd – 5th grades: First 3 weeks of school

1st grade: After the first 6 weeks of school

Kindergarten: January

Testing for middle school G/T Math and G/T English is done in late February.

 For more information about testing and North East’s Gifted and Talented program click here.

 For more information about the Gifted and Talented programs at Wetmore, click on the link for Mrs. Ball’s Teacher Web at the top of this page.

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Testing Periods

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