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Volunteer Program - Raptor Updates

(For NEISD Campus Staff)

If  Raptorware is not printing pictures correctly (black silhouettes are printing when the volunteer picture is scanned and submitted or pictures are not linked to the volunteer), please complete the following steps:

  • Completely close all programs.
  • Go to Start - Programs - V-Soft - Check for Updates.
  • Click the Configure button, then the Proxy tab.
  • Check the proxy box and enter 10.XXX.34.1 as the proxy address where XXX is your campus code. Drop all leading zeros, i.e. 004 becomes
  • Enter 9999 into the Port box.
  • Close - Next - Next. The download should begin. If not, please contact Sandy at 804-7226. The proxy address is probably incorrect.
  • Once the download is complete, then Close.
  • Go to Start - Programs - V-Soft - Diagnostics.
  • Start Diagnostic. If you get any red X's, then Fix Problems - OK - Start Diagnostic. When you get two green check marks, then Close.
  • Go to Start - Programs - V-Soft - Scanner Utilities.
  • Get your calibration and cleaning paper. Follow the directions for calibration, then cleaning. Close.
  • Restart Raptor.

This should update your software, fix any problems, and clean your scanner. If you have followed all of these steps and Raptor still has problems printing pictures that are not associated with the volunteer, contact Raptor at 1-877-7RAPTOR.




Last modified Nov 14, 2007