Our campus is GLOWING with Leadership. We are so fortunate to have an AMAZING community of families, students, and faculty. There are so many wonderful things happening at Tuscany Heights daily, and we would love to share some of them with you. This Tuscany Family is truly successful at fostering student academic achievement and growth. 

"(Mr. Spicer) thank you, my son had an amazing year - there was never a dull moment"
                                                                                From a 4th grade parent

 "(Mrs. Fonger) this has been my daughter's most successful school year - thanks to your love, patience and dedication"
From a 3rd grade parent

"The twins have been blessed with amazing teachers this year and truly feel at home at Tuscany."
                                                                                From T.H.E. parents

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May 2nd - 6th - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 6th - College T-Shirt Day

May 9th & 10th - 3rd, 4th, 5th STAAR - CLOSED CAMPUS

May 12th - Kindergarten Field Trip to the Zoo

May 12th - Broadcasting Tryouts for 4th grade

May 13th - 4th Grade Maturation Video

May 13th - 4th Grade Battle of the Books

May 16th - Robotics Meeting After School

May 16th - 20th Book Fair

May 17th - Safety Patrol Rally 5th Grade

May 18th - 5th Grade Trip to Tejeda M.S.
                  Presidential Volunteer Service Awards

May 19th - Elementary District Track Meet at Heroes Stadium

May 20th - Leadership Laboratories

May 21st - Elementary Robotics Showcase

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  Tuscany Heights Elementary School Picture Gallery