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SPECIAL NEEDS Transportation general INFORMATION

  • The goal for Special Needs Transportation is to provide safe, econimcal and courteous services and to not have a student on the bus for more than 60 minutes.
  • The Special Needs bus drivers and bus assistants will receive their routes and begin practicing in mid-August. 
  • Pick-up and drop-off sequence and times are based on the student's proximity to the attending school or specialized program and medical needs of students assigned to the route.
  • Provide curb-to-curb service for Special Education students eligible to receive special needs transportation. It is the parent / caregiver responsibility to meet the bus at the curb to transfer custody of the student during AM and PM runs.
  • The Special Needs Transportation section is available for inquiries and/or requests for further assistance at 356-9201.
  • Special Needs Transportation Parameters: Click here for the guidelines on how decisions will be made to ensure students receive appropriate and fair services based on federal, state, and local (Special Education/Transportation) departmental provisions/stipulations.

Updated:  JUNE 16, 2016

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