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North East ISD Transportation

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Phone 356-9231 / Fax 657-8812

Supervisor: Sonny Sturgill
Camera Helper/Trainers:
Oscar Chapa - Location: BAC Terminal, phone 491-9980

Armando Guerra - Location: Central Terminal, phone 356-9232

Tony Sepulveda - Location: North Terminal, phone 356-9011

Camera Helpers: 5 Bus Drivers (Supplemental Duty)

The Safety & Communications section has a variety of responsibilities including accident investigation & reporting and the installation & operation of the communications & audio/visual equipment used daily in the operational bus fleet.  Basic functions include:

  • Conduct and report results of investigations involving the bus fleet,

  • Derive, coordinate and disseminate safety policies and procedures by written correspondence and/or during start of school year In-Service and Monthly Safety Meetings,

  • Coordinate and schedule overall NEISD School Bus Evacuation Training activities as needed,

  • Coordinate department drug and alcohol screening programs, and

  • Provide daily installation and rotation of audio/visual surveillance systems on school buses.


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