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  • Our Transportation Department operates approximately 452 buses.
  • Over 26,500 students are transported twice each school day - this is 9,628,800 student rides per school year!.
  • NEISD school buses travel almost 17,400 miles each school day, -- approximately 3.5 million route miles each year!
  • The North East ISD Transportation Department operates three transportation facilities:
    • Central Terminal - (main facility)- Located near the intersection of Broadway and Wetmore.
    • BAC Terminal - Located at the Blossom Athletic Center at the corner of Starcrest and Jones Maltsberger.
    • North Terminal - Located at 24000 Highway 281 N (near Marshall Road)



  • School bus drivers are required by Texas state law to receive more training than many other professional drivers. A school bus driver in Texas is required to attend a state mandated 20 hour certification class and attend an eight hour refresher class every three years thereafter.
  • North East ISD provides bus drivers and bus assistants with additional training in the following areas: Student Management, the North East ISD Transportation Discipline Management Plan, Special Needs familiarization, First-Aid/CPR, and CPI (crisis intervention).  
  • Each potential and current bus driver must clear a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) through the Department of Public Safety (DPS) prior to employment, and twice annually after hiring. All employees undergo a National Criminal Background Check(including finger printing) prior to employment.
  • School buses are one of the most regulated vehicles on the road today. All school buses have to meet both Federal and State minimum standards.
  • According to the National Safety Council, school buses are the safest form of ground transportation - they are about 40 times safer than the family car! The national school bus accident rate is 0.02 per 100 million miles traveled.
  • Over 480,000 school buses operate each day in the United States transporting 26,000,000 students twice each day!! There are approximately 32,500 school buses operating on Texas roads each school day.
  • Approximately 26 MILLION school children are transported in the United States on school buses EACH DAY.
  • Nationally, school bus drivers log over 4.5 BILLION miles each school year.
  • America spends an average of $493 per regular education student and $2,460 per special education student for transportation annually.



As of: JULY 20 , 2015

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